Saturday, April 30, 2016

Years and years.....

It has been a long wonderful, almost four years since I last wrote a blog post and life has continued on as it will do. Anniversaries have been celebrated, birthdays have been enjoyed, new jobs have been procured, houses have been moved into, and new art has been made!!!!!

I would like to share this small offering of some of the things I have drawn over the past years and encourage you to take a look at my work
and also my updated portfolio at

Unicorn girl, in process 2015
Unicorn and Mermaid, detail 2014
Pretty swimmer pin, 2014
Spirit walker, process drawing 2016
Spirit walker, finished detail 2016

Spirit walker, finished detail 2016

Monday, June 25, 2012

With a box

One night while it was warm and the sun was setting in a lovely cloudy sky, I sat outside on my buildings rooftop deck. I was thinking about my little story that I wrote and I started to draw my fox again. This time I think he is closer to what I have in mind. More Beatrix Potter and Maurice Sendak.
The fox looked into the box...was it socks? or sox spelled incorrectly?
What do you think?...
There will be more foxes and bears and boxes and socks-es to come! I can just see their cute fuzzy paws and the fox trying to find socks in his untidy little room.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Months and months

It has been over two months since I last wrote a post. Normally I would be disappointed with my lack of writing, but I don't know how I could be with all the good things that have happened in my life. I turned thirty and celebrated by having a relaxing and inspiring weekend in Stillwater. My husband and I participated in our local art crawl. And for once not being truly worried about how we were doing, we did very well. I recently got a few more pieces for my fantasy dollhouse, which I have mentioned on here from time to time. I also decided to work towards a long term physical goal of entering a half marathon. And to top everything all off I got a new job as a digitizer for the coolest embroidery company on the web. So yeah, ta da! I have been busy being awesome. I have lots of new ideas to try out as well and I hope as always to put them on my blog real soon!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Something Sacred

Last year for one of the first times since I was a kid, I made valentines. I sat down with a bunch of other women, cutting and pasting, every now and then writing clever little snippets. As an illustrator it was a really freeing sort of exercise in quick thinking, composition, color theory, and practicing my fabrication skills. So this year I did it again, making quite a few less cards, but they turned out lovely and the time was just as inspiring as before. Below are the four cards I made, three of them featuring the fox I drew in the last post. My favorite card though was the one I made for my husband. I felt my collage skills were really shining threw with that one. I think it's cause of love! <3

Pixiegirl Studios - Megan Rheault copyright 2012

Pixiegirl Studios - Megan Rheault copyright 2012

Pixiegirl Studios - Megan Rheault copyright 2012

Pixiegirl Studios - Megan Rheault copyright 2012
I must say that sometimes I spell valentines incorrectly (oops.) Googly eyes are super silly and fallow however you tilt them. Glitter is a sparkly necessity, and scans well (who knew.) Gems and ribbons when placed well aren't tacky. AND the use of several girly elements when utilized correctly can combine to be husband approved masculine AWESOMENESS!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I recently wrote a new story about a bear and a fox and a box of socks. I was doing some sketching to figure out what my characters will look like.

The first foxes I drew were while I was making some valentines. And actually I just redrew the head of the fox at the top because I had erased it at the time. I think I like the shape of it a little better now, it feels more foxy.....but I don't think it's there quite yet. 

I continued to draw my fox and tried drawing a bear too. The fox's tail is a bit more bushy and the bear has a nice small tail.

There is still more drawing to do of course and I can't figure out if I would like my bear and fox to be more realistic or more cutesie. So far these are on the cute side. I think I will get some reference shots and draw on a big pad of newsprint so I can get more gestural.

If you like seeing these animals you will defenatly like my cat Ferlin, that I made up for my children's book Ferlin and his Paper Hat. To see more about Ferlin visit my portfolio as well as few posts on my blog about working on the book. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Pixiegirl Studios portfolio
Blocks of text with Ferlin
Making Ferlin in color!
Out to sea with Ferlin

Three maids

I have been practicing my mermaid drawing skills for a personal project I am working on. I am trying to make a label that will have two mermaids on it.
Copyright 2012 Megan Rheault,  Pixiegirl Studios

Copyright 2012 Megan Rheault, Pixiegirl Studios

Copyright 2012 Megan Rheault, Pixiegirl Studios

It's a bit more practicing the female figure, not so much the tail part, just a little tail part. I keep drawing the mermaids to see what kind of poses I want them to have. I'm hoping that by drawing more and more of them I will have a few to choose from that will fit together nicely. So far these are ok with me, but I haven't been completely inspired yet.........we'll see!

To see the mermaid I drew for last years marscon check out this post I wrote in 2010. It was back when I was working on the promotional artwork with my husband. You can see how she went from sketch to color!
post: mermaids they are awesome

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The lady in the shawl

Some days I sketch, and one day I drew this.

Pop can wishes

Sometimes I think about ways that I could reuse or re-purpose containers that I've emptied, or things like pop cans, very easy to find ordinary items. On one of those particular nights, feeling very inspired I drew a few ideas I had about pop cans.
There is a little box, circus cars with bottle cap wheels, a lighted tent, a pretty turret that swings open revealing little shelves for treasures, and a fairy princess lamp - with arms attached with paper fasteners so she can wave her arms up and down!
Looking back at my sketches I realize that some of these ideas are a bit large for one can and might need to be pieced together from a few. There would be some seams showing and I think it would be a challenge to cut the aluminum exactly the way I intended. I have a lot of ideas, but sometimes aren't ideas perfect because there is never any limitation where there is imagination.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Papers at the ends

I am not sure who started the practice of maps on endpapers, although it was very clever and thoughtful of them. Some of the most charming ones I've found are in children's books. Having just looked at the endpapers in Winnie-The-Pooh, I was reminded of a reproduction I drew for a dear friend of mine. The drawing is my hand rendered copy of the endpapers that were found on the original Betsy-Tacy children's book series.

Here is my drawing as I worked on it at my desk. The map was about half done.

This is a scan of the map in it's entirety. It was done on handmade rag paper with my favorite mechanical pencil.

One day when I put out my own books I will be sure to have pretty endpapers with informative maps.

If you are interested in learning more about the Betsy-Tacy book series you can visit the Betsy-Tacy Society at

You can also visit a previous post of mine to read a brief history of the Betsy-Tacy series and also read about my starting of a poster for the giftshop.   My Betsy-Tacy poster post link.

Finding Winnie

The other day I had the good fortune to find a vintage Winnie The-Pooh book in my library's used section. It is a charming book and this particular copy has some very loved pages that I adore. The binding is loose, the fabric edges are fraying and there are some worn patches of color. It still has it's library card envelope in back and I imagine all the children who read about Pooh's heffalump dreams or sitting with ten pots of honey as it rained and rained. As an adult the stories are as memorable as when I first read them and I see the reason for having favorites and classics.

My copy is a reprint from 1961
A small sketch I made, because Pooh is of course always thinking about honey.
The left side of the endpapers. I love the tradition of maps in endpapers.
The right side. It is so sweet to think that if I were to visit the 100 aker wood I would know exactly where to go. By the way as a "bad" speller, all of these carefully written words on the map seem to be very correct in  my mind.